Friday June 23, 2017


Budding young performing arts students from the Australian School of Performing Arts, Film and Television (ASPA-FTV) are set to light the QPAC stage when their end of year performance, Digital Natives comes to life this December. “We are so incredibly proud of each and every single one of the students who have worked so passionately this year. The courage it takes to stand up in front of peers, families and friends at such a tender age is awe inspiring” said ASPA-FTV Founding Directors Amanda Hardwick and Renata Einhaus. 
Taking on the world of social media, Digital Natives #NOFILTER gives the students opportunity to examine and explore the role that social media plays in their lives, encouraging students to question the disparity between their real and on-line self. The three groups of students have collaborated within their class to decide the concept, characters and general narrative. The first play, Confessions of a Digital Native centres around six young people as they attempt to navigate their way through the perils of adolescence and how they use social media for escapism. The second play, Techagedon is set within a special school for the technologically advanced which 12 genius students who have had no face to face human interaction ever are forced to communicate in person when a blackout occurs. The third play, Limbo highlights the role that ‘personal branding’ plays in social media, featuring characters who will do whatever it takes to maintain their ‘brand’ in a bid to remain current, interesting and popular.
Three interesting and original works will be brought together to show the disparity between our real self and our online self is as complicated as it is contrived. “We hope to remind our children, ourselves and the audience that who we are is enough” said Amanda “We encourage the public to come and watch these budding young people perform their hearts out. These wonderful young dreamers dare to tread where many of us fear to go and we want to celebrate this success by giving them access to perform on a professional and public platform, The Cremorne Theatre, QPAC.”

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