Friday June 23, 2017

Vincent by Melissa Lanham

Choreographer Melissa Lanham is at present working on the concept development of ‘Vincent’. A contemporary dance work based on the Sunshine Coast. The piece is focused on the art and prose of Vincent Van Gogh and how his fanatic heart produced such fanatic art in his time. Vincent had titanic unappeasable passions which swept through his life inexorably culminating in artistic brilliance and unfortunate sadness. Never fully at ease in company, he had a ravenous intellect and an addictive personality which led to bi-polar disorder. A genius who was unrecognized in his time, he wrote over 1000 letters to his brother Theo and painted over 900 paintings.

So, hence, a choreographers dream.

Originally a successful youth dance work, Melissa has received funding to bring the piece into the professionally arena with a 1st stage development. She has brought in 3 professional dancers and is providing an opportunity for 5 regionally based emerging artists to work with herself and the 3 dancers to observe and work with them for the week.

vincent 5vincent 4vincent 3

The rehearsal period culminates in a studio showing on Saturday 11th January. The documentation from this workshop week then goes to much larger funding bodies with the possibility to produce a complete work ready for performances etc. It is the first time in many years that a professional dance opportunity of this nature has been presented on the coast.

This work is kindly funded by Arts Queensland, Regional Arts Development Fund, Bakers Medical Group


Photo Credit: Austin-Zande Imagery
Principal Artists: Michael Smith, Andrew Haycroft and Chloe Lanham


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