Monday June 26, 2017

UnCoiled Review

Austinmer Dance Theatre’s UNCOILED

Austinmer dance theatre’s fourth annual production of uncoiled opened this week, showcasing striking choreographic influences from Maurice Causey, Rhiannon Davies , Iratxe Ansa and company director Michelle Forte.

The latest offering from the talented regional company featured three premiere pieces at the Phoenix Theatre in Coniston. Each work captivating in its own right, engaging the audience with exacting , strong and controlled movements that highlighted the physical strength of the company’s five dancers, Rhiannon Davies, Paul Russell, Olivia Berrell, Madi High, and Robyn Masters.

Following the company’s successful season of Rewyred earlier in the year, the latest work is yet another successful production for the innovative youth company.

The first piece Hither Thither , performed by dancers Rhiannon Davies and Paul Russell is an energetic routine which moves in a constant and unbroken stream of movement .The duo merge strength, strong unison and timing with serpentine flexibility in a witty and vigorous opening act.

Verso the second work emerged onto the stage amidst the sounds of cascading water, with dancers setting an ethereal tone with the use of measured and graceful hand movements, sinuous and stylised gestures, body kinetics and controlled energy in a pure contemporary form. The third piece entitled Intertwined , pulsated with electrical force. The interesting soundtrack popped, cracked and buzzed with currents of energy, with dancers at times, catapulting and arcing into impossibly flexible and supple positions.

The individual and variable movements worked well, as the five dancers moved in sequences that combined to produce a fluid and striking interplay of movement.

Overall this latest work adds to an already impressive year of professional performances, international workshops and tours for the young company.

Reviewer: Kim Metcalfe.


Dancer: Madi High
Image taken by: Michelle Forte

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