Monday June 26, 2017

Tackling Low Self Esteem

When you attend auditions and don’t get the result you want have you ever felt you were not good enough or felt that people didn’t like you? Do you think this affects your ability when you perform next time?

You’re not the only one to have these thoughts. When you compete in competitions and get rejected it affects your self esteem and this plays a big role in how other people react to you. If your self esteem is low people see this and find you to be an easy target and you begin to attract people who under estimate your ability and can be hurtful.

This can continue throughout your whole life and you find whenever you are performing in auditions or meeting new people, you won’t feel good enough. This can cause you to feel hurt and unworthy and will transfer into other areas in your life such as school, work or socialising.

When you feel bad about yourself it can lead to depression, mood swings and stress. You may begin to doubt yourself and everything you do, as you think someone will judge you or say a negative comment towards you. Unfortunately this will continue to get worse until you do something about it.

I have been through this experience when I was at school and I went from being a fun and excited child to being a nervous wreck. I hid this from my parents as I didn’t want them to worry, but for a year I allowed myself to have my confidence and self esteem trampled on by others, until I decided to do something about it.

The good news is that your self esteem can be worked on so that you become more confident, happy and start to enjoy your life again. With the right support this can be easy to do and you will find that you start getting the results you want. People will begin to treat you differently, they will admire you and respect you and want you in their productions.

When you decide you want to gain more self esteem, the first thing you need to do is work on abandoning your negative thoughts or feelings you are having about yourself. This is much easier if you have support to help you achieve this and that is where I am able to help you. I really enjoy helping 12-45 year olds discover why their self esteem is so low and support them to become confident and empowered. I love seeing the difference it makes in their lives.

I can show YOU how to stop being rejected and how to start getting the results you want. You will begin to show others how confident you are, which will get them wanting to watch you perform. You will find your life begins to flow like never before, you will start winning more competitions and you will be happy, content and start living the wonderful life you deserve.

I will support and teach you how to turn your life around so you are confident enough to be the best at whatever you choose to do. I will work with you privately by phone or Skype so you are in the comfort of your own home. You will be truly excited by what you learn and people will start to ask you “What’s your secret?”

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