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SDS1 – Melbourne Premiere at Arts House: 19 – 22 August 2015

Creator, performer and former soccer player Ahilan Ratnamohan draws from the sweaty, skilled physicality of ‘the beautiful game’ in a startling, dance-inspired work. Described by Ratnamohan as a kind of ‘football dance theatre’, SDS1 immerses audiences in the surreal, visceral, momentous and poetic experience of the match.

SDS1 explores a language not only physical, but theatrical and psychological as well. Drawing on his personal experiences as a player, Ratnamohan delves into the psyche of the vulnerable warrior of the pitch – striving, loved, hated, worshipped, scorned or triumphant. Through sheer athletic prowess, both with and without the ball, he extracts the essences, emotions and gestures of the game to create a work that sees the player caught in the performance, rather than in control of it.

Having performed through Australia, South Africa and Europe, Ratnamohan creates physical performance inspired by sport, film, language and unorthodox forms, and since 2012 has been based in Antwerp, Belgium, where he has developed his working methodology. After graduating from Film Studies at the University of Technology Sydney in 2005, Ratnamohan attempted a professional football (soccer) career in the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany – his experience as a footballer deeply informs the style of work he creates.

This is soccer as theatre: physically charged, stripped back, extracted, frozen, repeated and abstracted. Beautiful and ugly at once.

The show opens for four nights only at Arts House on Wednesday 19 August 2015

Bookings at or (03) 9322 3713

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