Friday June 23, 2017

Ringuet Review

Dancehub were privileged to attend the Noosa launch of Benjamin Ringuet’s fashion label. Benjamin hails from Brisbane and has been a fashion designer since 2013. His apparel is vibrant, bold and stylish. His dresses would not look out of place on a fashions in the field entrant at Flemington in Spring.

IMG_9068The attention to detail, fabric choice, craftsmanship and brand speaks volumes of the man who sees his work as art more than fashion. I spoke with Ben at length about the visions behind the fashion and he told me how inspired he is of nature.

In one piece the design was based on the eye of a vivid reef fish found on the Great Barrier Reef whilst another was a top down view of the Earth’s surface. The story behind the dress adds value to the dress, as the story of a piece of artwork adds value to the painting.

It is a luxury brand and the prices reflect this but honestly it’s worth every cent.

I encourage you to visit their website or attend the next fashion event.

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