Friday June 23, 2017

Keeping Ballet Alive and Fun for Dance Students in Regional Qld

In the dance industry today, the opportunities for students to compete are endless, and with the focus on competition dance, the industry has fast evolved into a sport which focuses on extreme over stretched lines and often dangerous tricks. While these are certainly a skill to behold, the art of dance and it’s roots in classical ballet, is becoming lost in a sea of talented young children who can execute a dazzling 8 pirouettes, but have no concept of the beauty that is a simple suspended single pirouette with grace and an air of effortlessness.

Mia Huston spied the gap in the industry, and a need for students to come together not to dance for trophies or scores in an art which cannot be quantified, but in a fun, non-competitive environment which fosters a love of performance, inter-studio friendships and focuses on the artistic roots of ballet, which is, put simply, to tell a story.

In November, auditions were opened to all dance students from Regional South East Queensland from all studios aged 8 and over, and in the first year, with minimal advertising, the program received overwhelming support from the dance community. 36 Students from 11 studios in the region were accepted into the program, and are currently rehearsing for their original, full length Fairytale ballet, The Cygnet, inspired by the Ugly Duckling.

In the production, dancers are also learning an age appropriate simplified version of Swan Lake Act II, learning the delicacies of being a corps de ballet, and there also are many fun and quirky characters, which give fabulous opportunities to focus on the story and the acting, rather than just the technique.

The performance will also feature the Toowoomba Choral Society Youth Choir’s production of Honk! to further extend the performance opportunities to arts groups in Regional Queensland.

The Cygnet will have 2 shows only on April 2nd at Gatton Shire Hall. To show support for the program, follow the West Moreton Youth Ballet at or purchase tickets from

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