Friday June 23, 2017

Head Massage – the secret to a stress free day

Head Massage

From endless treatments, expensive products and multiple visits to the salon you’d expect your hair to look just like Gisele Bündchen’s right? Well what if all you’re missing is a relaxing massage to boost hair growth and appearance.

Ivy Han, General Manager of Liangzi Health Oasis tells us how a quality head massage can turn lifeless hair into luscious locks.

  1. The most important benefit of a head massage is its ability to increase blood flow to the scalp region. In result, invigorating the capillaries on the head to promote healthy regrowth of hair.
  2. By placing the body into deep relaxation a head massage can rid your mind of stress which can cause hair loss and regular migraines.
  3. By stimulating the hair follicles you will increase the nutrient intake your hair receives from treatments.
  4. The added use of nourishing oils during a head massage conditions the hair roots and scalp, reducing the chance of hair strands becoming brittle, split and broken.
  5. A regular head massage can boost not only the appearance of your hair but the complexion of your skin by stimulating blood flow to provide a glowing appearance.

Ivy Han, General Manager of Liangzi Health Oasis Australia

Ivy began as the Chief Administrative Officer of Liangzi China before introducing the luxury spa experience to Australia with the launch of their first flagship store in Sydney. Ivy combines her extensive knowledge in health and business to provide elite service with beneficial results. Ivy has a deep understanding of each technique used and is able to educate customers on the most suitable techniques to achieve their desired results. The Liangzi experience focuses on natural healing through the use of ancient Chinese therapies, which have proven lasting results over centuries.

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