Friday June 23, 2017

Girlz Curlz – Hair curling system

Girlz Curlz – A simpler way to curl hair

As a dance mum I dread having to curl my daughters hair. The traditional curling options seems to tiresome and barbaric. Heating irons and spikey rollers are horrible and I feel like a monster putting them on her head.

A friend told me about “Girlz Curlz” and it spiked my interest enough to phone up to find out more about the product. Last week the package was sent to our office and we hastily opened it up to find 4 packs. Each pack contains 10 “girlz curlz”. According to the GC rep you should consider buying 2 packets to cover a full head of hair. You can choose your size online at their store.

Reviewers comments

We chose to mix and match the curl sizes to see the different effects it had on her hair. The system is simple. Push the hook rod through the flexible curler and using the hook rod grab the hair at the top end of the curler. Pull the hair through the curler all the way down to the bottom and let the curler spring into place. For a full head of hair on a 12 year old it took just under 10 minutes.

Our daughter did not find this uncomfortable and even slept with them in at night. Next morning the curlers were pulled away from her hair and “BAM“, instant beautiful curls. We see this product being good value for money and better for the hairs condition too as there is no heat applied to stress the hair.

I can really see dancers and dance parents adopting this is the preferred method of curling hair, especially for jazz, lyrical and contemporary dancing. You can keep these curlers in safely and pull them minutes before you enter the stage floor. We really like this product and can see it being successful.

Reviewer: Jan Reece

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