Friday June 23, 2017

Genesis Review


Genesis, the first production by Marko Panzic’s Dream Dance Co is without doubt a memorable Performance that is destined to become a runaway success.

The companies highly anticipated premiere at NIDA in Sydney was an outstanding collaboration of talent that engaged the audience from start to finish.

When Panzic and co Director/choreographer Stephen Tannos came together to create the Dream Dance company their vision was to establish a company that showcases the country’s top commercial dancers in a way that celebrates each dancers unique dance style and individual ability.

Panzic and Tannos couldn’t have got it more right ………. The dream team of elite performers are a line up of 17 quality dancers from varying genres, with High profile names such as Michael Dameski and Lauren Seymour amongst them.
The companies approach to their work is refreshing and says a lot about Marko Panzics ability to capture what is the individual dancers own x factor. The dancers not only perform as a highly synchronised company , they are their own entity, which adds eclectic and diverse elements to the piece .

The fresh and original production pushes the boundaries, with choreography that blurs’ the borders between dance styles while managing to masterfully highlight the skilfulness of each dancer.

The dancers are all technically impressive, strong and able to take the fast moving choreography and run with it. They deliver an interesting mix of moods , energy and styles that works well .

Genesis is just the start for this amazing new company , and going by the standing ovation , appreciative applause and cheers from the audience the Dream Dance company have arrived …big time .

From an industry perspective the invaluable performance opportunities that arise from being part of a company not only establishes careers for professional dancers, but also benefits the dance industry as a whole , in addition to providing audiences with access to high quality productions.

The emergence of a new commercial company of this quality and calibre is a welcome addition to the dance landscape.
Don’t miss this show when it tours.


Strong performances by a Dream line-up of talent, showcased with Masterful choreography
Clever lighting and music edit that creatively blends the dance genres

Reviewer: Kim Metcalfe.

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