Friday June 23, 2017

EDC – GMDC Review

A blend of styles that captivate the soul

The Cremorne Theatre at QPAC is a small stage with a really personal feel to it. You feel closer to the dancers and tied into their dance. This trio of works by Expressions Dance Company and Guangdong Modern Dance Company was very contrasting in nature.


According to an ancient saying, a grain as tiny as a mustard seed can reveal all the wonders of Mount Sumeru. Dance,
like a mustard seed, may contain many interesting stories if you care to take a moment to look inside. Guangdong Modern Dance Company’s resident choreographer, Liu Qi, explores the gravity, energy and temperature which organically guides the kinesis of the body, creating a dynamic wash of exploration while in search of the mustard seed within Mount Sumeru.

This was the stand out performance of the evening for me. The power and rough edged movements of the male dancers combined with the beautiful extensions and softness of the female dancers worked so well. I can see why GMDC have such a great following and are held in high regards internationally.


Exploring the emotional power of words. Words that come between us, words that we never forget and words we wish we had never said. This exquisite work by Natalie Weir has never before been seen in Brisbane.

Very clever piece. Nice choreography as expected from Natalie Weir. Lighting was excellent.


Black is a mysterious colour that’s full of the unknown and infinite possibility. In this Chinese-Australian collaboration, Hong Kong based choreographer, Xing Liang, alongside dancers from Expressions Dance Company and Guangdong Modern Dance Company have used materials and textures seen in their lives, such as architecture, poetry and experience to collage the dreamlike, fleeting and ineffable charm of black.

This totally lost me. I could not personally connect with this piece and found the contrasting dance elements overwhelming. Technically the dancers were faultless but the concept just didn’t work for me. The lighting and stage setup was cumbersome and I was more worried about the dancers hurting themselves on floor based lighting rigs than the dance itself. There were elements of beauty during the piece but not enough to capture me for 30 minutes.

EDC – GMDC Review Reviewed by on . A clash of 2 distinct styles of contemporary dance.

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A clash of 2 distinct styles of contemporary dance.
Value for Money
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Beauty, grace, power, complexity, light and shade. This is a cultural extravaganza.

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