Friday June 23, 2017

Chris Bath partners Form Dance Projects

Host of ratings juggernaut Sunday Night and Channel 7 News anchor, Chris Bath, has been announced as the Patron of contemporary dance hub, FORM Dance Projects.

FORM Dance Projects is building a reputation for its unique work in the dance sector in western Sydney. Bath will be FORM’s public patron, acting as an advocate to build links to other groups that give western Sydney its identity as a diverse and dynamic community.

Chris Bath’s passion for dance grew during her childhood years when she attended classes at the Wendy Greenaway School of Dance in Parramatta. As a young aspiring dancer growing up in western Sydney, Bath was familiar with the lack of opportunities available at that time. As Bath says, “There was nothing in western Sydney then, offering what FORM Dance Projects does now.”

FORM creates opportunities for professional contemporary choreographers and dancers from across Australia to present their works in their annual Dance Bites program at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta. FORM also offers opportunities to young emerging performers in the western suburbs to participate and access the dance program in various ways; as well as facilitates skills workshops, an annual youth dance competition to unearth the best dance talent, and auditions for dance projects.

FORM works with leading arts organisations including Riverside Theatres, Sydney Dance Company, Legs On The Wall and Sydney Philharmonia Choirs. At a time when FORM is building key strategic partnerships and developing audiences for contemporary dance in Sydney, both in the theatre and online, the timing is right for FORM to appoint a well-known personality to extend their reach.

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