Friday June 23, 2017

Breaking in Pointe Shoes

How Do I Break In My Shoes?

Breaking in your pointe shoes is important to help the shoes mould to your feet. Start with the block, softening the corners and working your way down to the platform. This will create more space at the end of the shoe for your toes.

Use your hands or a doorway to bend the sole of the shoe to assist with the pointe and the demi-pointe positions. Scoring the sole may also assist this as well as increasing traction but be mindful to score sparingly at first, as once you place a score in the sole, it cannot be undone!

Padding can be used to help to align the bones of the foot particularly the angle of the first toe.  Toe spacers are great for this. By encouraging a direct line of force through the centre of the big toe this will also help to prevent blisters, corns and toenail bruising.

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