Friday June 23, 2017

Absinthe Australia

The sign outside the Spiegeltent describes the show as “Breathtaking circus acts and a dash of raunch” and that is exactly what you get.

When you first step into the tent, through a fairy-lit biergarten, you are immediately transported into another world. It’s a little smoky and softly lit, with a wooden floor and velvet draped ceiling. It doesn’t feel anything like being in a tent, instead, with it’s stained glass, teak and mirrors, you could be in a venue from the turn of the last century. In the centre of the opulence is a seemingly tiny stage that makes you wonder what can possibly fit on it.

The show is hosted by the Gazillionaire, who is greasy-haired and gold-toothed and more than a little bit insulting to performers and audience alike, and his lovely assistant, Abby Bobbins, who frequently gets carried away with herself.

The main part of the show is made up of the circus acts. They are incredibly fit athletes from all around the world, mainly Eastern Europe, who put on amazing shows of strength and a lot of coordination. There is everything from hand balancing and climbing a chair mountain to high wire walking and a couple of very strong girls on an aerial hoop. The stage really comes into it’s own, along with an amazing stage crew, as bits go up and down and around and it has high bars and eventually a high wire attached to it.

There is dancing and some nudity, on purpose and seemingly accidental, as well as some swearing and a fair amount of politically incorrect humour. So, if you’re easily offended this is not the show for you. Also, unless you wish to be picked on and teased, or selected for the audience participation segment, try not to draw attention to yourself.

The seating in the Spiegeltent is set up so that there really don’t appear to be any bad seats. You can choose from the VIP seats, which are the first couple of ringside rows, one of around 6 cocktail tables, which are ringside, or premium seats, which are on the first step up, only a few rows back from ringside, for the best views. There are also A-reserve seats behind the premium & booths around the outside of the tent that seat 8. The stage also slowly spins during a lot of the acts, so everyone gets a good view. One thing you should note, is that if you sit in the front rows you are fair game for the hosts and the performers & may get sat on or harassed in some other way.

Over all the show was very enjoyable and seemed to appeal to all ages of adult. I think I would rate it 5/5 stars for set design, music and choreography. Value for money would depend on which seats you chose. I think the premium seats were definitely a 5/5.

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