Thursday July 27, 2017

Vincent to tour Europe

Sunshine Coast based LissaJane Dance is pleased to announce its brand new work “Vincent”, an extraordinarily moving dance theatre work about the life of Vincent Van Gogh and the mental illness that plagued a man that would become one of the most revered artists in history. Choreographer Melissa Lanham is a contemporary dance theatre artist who has worked in the UK and Australia across countless social inclusion projects and mainstream dance company productions (biography below) but this is the first time in many years that a professional dance piece has risen out of a vibrant regional community. With a brilliant cast, this work by such an experienced hand punches above its weigh with small town productions rarely producing the sort of waves Lanham’s work is likely to make.

It is the first time in many years that a professional dance opportunity of this kind has been presented on the Sunshine Coast. “This is a very special achievement for this vibrant regional community, to have a professional dance work made locally. Not to mention the themes of this work being so important for everyone in our community. Depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder affect many in our community, and this work shows how people can do great things, despite these burdens,” said Ann McLean, head of Ausdance Queensland.

Not only local ears have pricked up to the new work however with arts groups in Victoria and South Australia also taking note of the new show, making arrangements to tour it in 2016. Vincent has made waves across our boarders also, with the 2015 Van Gogh Europe Federation board of directions showing great excitement in having the show put on the official program and brought to the Netherlands, Belgium and France in 2015 to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Van Gogh’s death. This also joins with the invitation to perform at the 2015 Zundert Van Gogh festival in Vincent’s hometown.

With her cast of three Australian based contemporary dancers, Lanham has engaged Melbourne based lighting designer Travis Macfarlane and Perth based set designer Daniel Ampuero to come on board with Vincent culminating in a stunning result that truly moves and captivates audiences. National and International production and tour management is being supplied by GoslingProductions.

vincent credits

Vincent is proudly supported by: Ausdance Queensland, Caloundra Regional Art Gallery, Headspace, DanceHub and Studio 2. First development of Vincent was funded by the Queensland Government through the Regional Arts Development Fund and Arts Queensland.

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