Thursday July 27, 2017

Turnboard Review

Do you have trouble turning with confidence?

The turnboard is a simple concept with a set outcome in mind. It helps you turn with confidence. The turnboard is made for dancers who have trouble spotting and turning. It’s manufactured from a strong polyurethane material with a rubber foot pad to ensure your planted foot maintains a sufficient grip to complete your turns. The manufacturer suggests the users weight be under 80kg.

We tested the turnboard on our daughter, a 13 year old ballet dancer who has not yet mastered the true art of fouettes. Within 5 minutes of opening the packet she placed the Turnboard on the floor and completed 4 turns. After 15 minutes her comments were as follows:

It helps me concentrate on my upper body.

It allows me to spot better because I don’t have to focus on my foot technique.

It’s really fun and I can turn 6-8 times and hold my upper body in the correct position.

From an outsider looking in the Turnboard offers some good advantages. Fouettes and other such turns cannot be mastered by using the Turnboard – however it can help. There is no substitution for quality teaching from an accredited Ballet Teacher.

In conclusion, if you are having trouble turning, holding your upper body in position or spotting your turns then the Turnboard is for you. Use it as a tool for your dance journey, not as a substitute for proper training.

We like it and I’m sure you will too. For those that struggle with turns, it’s a worthy investment.

You can purchase your Turnboard from Diva Dancewear Australia

Cost: $49.95 plus postage

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