Thursday July 27, 2017

The Secret to Great Curls is out

As a dancer, your technical ability and overall style is so very important. But when it comes time for competitions, auditions and performances, what can set you apart from the rest – is your overall LOOK! As we all know, hair styling for a dancer is a significant part of your overall signature style. That’s where the VS Sassoon Secret Curl silicone pop up rollers come in….

The VS Sassoon Secret Curl is a brand new fun and fabulously freeing way to create a range of on-trend curl looks, perfect for the stage or screen! As a time-poor dancer (or equally time-poor dance mum) you’ll love, love, love the convenience and speed at which you can create your hairstyles with the clipless design of these pop up rollers! Heat, roll, pop and repeat! It’s a totally gentle and easy method of curling your hair, and it’s even recommended by hairstyling pros!

The Secret to Great Curls is out Reviewed by on . Vidal Sassoon have unveiled a revolutionary new hair curling product that dancers would love.

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Vidal Sassoon have unveiled a revolutionary new hair curling product that dancers would love.
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These silicone pop-up rollers offer a great result at an affordable price point.

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I found the portability a real bonus. As a dance parent we have to transport costumes, accessories and a day bag for competitions. I really liked the fact this easily slotted into our travel case.

Dance Parent

I found the heating element was fast and I had enough rollers to complete 1 side of my hair fairly quickly.


No more curling irons, no more clips, no more mess. The VS Secret Curl is easy, fast and delivers natural looking curls with no fuss.

Dance Teacher

Our Review Team Comments

We liked the design of the product and the fact that VS offer a 2 year warranty. This means they have faith in their product quality. We tested this product on a few dancers and found that it really suited dancers with mid to long hair more. The patented clip free rollers were a breeze to use and even through the rollers were hot they didn’t burn your fingers.

The heating element got to temperature quite quickly and we had enough rollers to complete 1 side of a dancers hair quickly. It didn’t take long to take straight hair to curly hair with this product.

We think the product certainly has a place in a dancers kit bag and would recommend dancers take a close look at this product.


Let the VS Sassoon Secret Curl do all the “talking” in the dressing room as your dance colleagues admire your crease-free hair and beautifully smooth stage-ready curls. The best thing is once they’re popped in place, your hands are free to get on with other things…like make-up, costuming and warming-up, all whilst staying centered and ready to perform! The VS Sassoon Secret Curl is ideal for soloists wanting to create their own unique signature hairstyle with a “touch of curl”, or equally fabulous to create identical hairstyles for duos, trios or small groups – in a matter of precious, performance-ready minutes!

Product Features;

  • Silicone surface for radiant shine – get fast, efficient and glossy results.
  • 2 roller sizes enjoy all the latest looks easily with 12 rollers in 2 different sizes.
  • Clipless rollers easy to use for seamless curls. No metal or plastic clip needed.
  • Cord wraps around base for compact, easy storage.
  • Fast heat-up with heat ready indicator so you know when to start styling.
  • Top carry handle for convenience and portability. You can keep all your rollers stored neatly together so it’s ready to go for their next performance!
  • RRP: $92.95. Model Number: VSR63A
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