Thursday July 27, 2017

KySienn Hair Net Review

KySienn Accessories deliver a stand-out product

This review took us a little longer than most because we wanted to find a range of dancers and parents to ‘test’ this product. We asked them to compare the current ‘hairnets’ found at their local dance stores vs KySienn Hairnets.

This is what they said:

“They are very strong and the netting size was small enough so keep any loose hair from escaping”. I found the size to suit my needs. Perfect for thick hair and the elasticated bands are super strong”.

Britney Reece

“I’m an auburn haired dancer. It’s always difficult to find a hairnet that blends in with my hair tone. The light brown hairnet was simply amazing. The best I’ve tried and they were very strong. I’d be comfortable in saying, in my opinion, they would last at least twice as long as the other hairnets on the market today”.

Laura Scott

“I’ve got black hair and my Mum has always battled to find a hairnet that lasts. I loved the small holes in the netting because it held the loose fly-away strands in completely. It was so strong and it will last longer because of the reinforced elastic edge”.

Sophie Smith

“I have almost white blonde hair. The hairnet was brilliant as my bun is quite large and I usually have to struggle to fit the hairnet around my bun. With the KySienn hairnet it was a breeze”.


Our Opinion

KySienn Accessories range of hairnets have delivered on their promise of quality at affordable everyday prices. The colour range will suit most dancers and I’d suggest that you buy in bulk now before word get’s out that this product is priced so low. These hairnets will last and last compared to the other brands on the market. It took some force to intentionally tear the netting. Do the maths:

1 KySienn Hairnet will outlast two of the other brands.

If I was to pick any fault then I’d suggest they improve the packaging and insert the hairnets in a protective cardboard wrap just in case they tear in transit but that’s me being ultra picky. I found that the goods arrived in great condition and within 48 hours from placement of order.

It’s a great buy from a local Australian company for a product you’ll use time and again. A good idea would be to arrange a bulk order from your dance school and then you’d have no ‘costume clangers’.

Reviewers: Phil and Jan Reece plus 4 dancers – Dancehub Magazine


KySienn Accessories

To order call 0414 593 562

KySienn Hair Net Review Reviewed by on . KySienn Accessories have developed a range of strong hair nets for dancers across Australia.

Review Overview

KySienn Accessories have developed a range of strong hair nets for dancers across Australia.
Colour Range
Ease of Use
Value for Money
Value for Money
This hairnet will spell the end of the 'cheap aftermarket hairnets' that sit currently on the dance store shelves.

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