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Footcare – Gel Toe Protector Review

Sore feet, blisters, corns and calluses have long been an issue for dancers, especially those wearing pointe shoes. Footcare by Maseur have come up with a solution to eliminate these nasty little aches every dancer dreads.

Say Goodbye to Sore Toes

The Gel Toe Protector is simply a sleeved gel tube that pulls over your toes. The tube can be cut into a length that suits your sized toe. It’s cushioned properties ensure that each toe is protected in it’s own right and this eliminates friction that usually is the cause of blisters and other foot issues. Although, in this review we are focusing on this product for dancers, it can be said that Gel Toe Protectors would suit any person playing sport in tight restrictive footwear, such as soccer or football.

The Gel Toe Protector comes packaged in a well designed blister pack. You have a colour choice of black or pink. Each individual package has enough tubing for an average foot. The tubing length uncut is approx 15cm. The tubing has an outer layer made of soft fabric and the inner layer is a gel coating that conforms to the shape of your toe and giving it the protection it needs.2014-11-07 08.01.03

How does the product work?

Simply measure the tubing against the toe that is affected and trim the tubing to size using sharp scissors. Pull the tubing over the affected toe. We recommend that you take the tubing off after 3-4 hours to let the toe breathe.

Footcare – Gel Toe Protector Review Reviewed by on . This pint sized product will protect your feet while dancing.

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This pint sized product will protect your feet while dancing.
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A must have for any dancer who trains regularly. Protect your biggest asset - your feet !

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How does it feel?

The Gel Toe Protector is lightweight, easy to transport and comfortable to wear. A dancers foot must be kept in good order so they can perform at an optimum level. The soft gel padding is very comforting on your toe and it in no way inhibits your range of movement which is important to a dancer.

Real life reviews

We trialled this product on group of ballet dancers at Anne Fraser School of Dance on the Sunshine Coast. This was the feedback we received:

Before ballet class many of the girls applied Band Aids or inserted Lambswool pouches at the bottom of their pointe shoes. They loved the Gel Toe Protectors because it was easy to apply and comfortable to wear. They felt more confident during the lesson and at the end of their lesson showed no sign of discomfort. All 6 children said they would recommend the Gel Toe Protectors to their dance friends.

You can buy a pack from any Woolworths store Australia wide.

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