Thursday July 27, 2017

Dancers Etiquette

These are a few pointers we thought might start an important conversation in your school. If you have any advice or tips on Dancers Etiquette please email them in to Dancehub so we can update this post.

Dancers Etiquette

  • Students should arrive on time and ready to dance.
  • Students should  arrive earlier than five minutes before class.
  • Students should also come prepared with water bottle for drinking between classes.
  • Students should come prepared the first day of class with the proper dance attire. Each class has a specific dress code.
  • The dance studio is a place for instruction and learning.
  • Please show respect for the instructors and other students by speaking softly and saving all games and other play for outside the  studio.
  • Students should find their own dancing space and keep hands to themselves and respect other dancers’ space.
  • All students are on their own journey so respect each others journey.
  • Respect other students that are doing well and make sure you applaud each other in all your achievements
  • Students should listen to the teacher and follow instructions quickly and correctly.
  • Students should not talk in the classroom when the teacher is talking or otherwise.
  • If students have questions or comments they should raise their hands and make sure the question is relevant to the teaching going on at that moment.
  • Respect Your Surroundings
  • Street shoes are not allowed on the studio floor.
  • Hair must be secured up off the neck and face in all classes
  • Dance shoes should only be worn in the studio.
  • Gum is not allowed in the studio for the safety of the students.
  • Food is not allowed on the studio floor and all rubbish place in the bins provided.
  • Water is the only drink allowed in the studio.
  • The Ballet Barre is to be used only for dance purposes and is not to be hung on.
  • Students should keep hands off of the studio mirrors and windows.
  • Please use washrooms before class.
  • No jewelry to be worn in class.

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