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Costume Roller Dance Bag

A bright alternative

Last week the ladies from Costume Roller sent us their flagship “dance bag”, the Costume Roller. We knew it would only be a matter of time before another quality bag offered competition in the market. The bag arrived well packaged and protected inside a heavy cardboard box. Once unwrapped we had the opportunity to put it through it’s paces.

Costume Roller Dance Bag Reviewed by on . The Costume Roller is an Australian owned and operated dance costume storage business. What did we think of their new bag?

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The Costume Roller is an Australian owned and operated dance costume storage business. What did we think of their new bag?
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A very good dance bag with a bright future. A worthwhile accessory for all dancers.

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What does it look like?

At first glance it looks like a similar dance bag in the marketplace, yet when you really analyze it there are some startling differences, such as the shape. The Costume Roller does not have a heavily rounded opening which means you can stack one on top of another when packing. There are also strong grip handles both ends and quality polyurethane wheels both ends of the bag so it glides across the floor with ease.

Storage has been well thought of with an insulated pocket for food/drinks. There is also a 2nd equal sized pocket for accessories next to the insulated pocket. On the reverse side there is a long storage compartment segmented into three with dividers which is a clever use of space. The storage compartments are zipped so your dancers expensive gear won’t fall out which is important as they glide the bag through a busy competition space.

Costume Roller Fully Expanded
Costume Roller Fully Expanded

I like the ability to personalise the bag with the added panel on the lid. Nice touch! The document pouch on the lid is also clever as dancers can place their phones, programs and personal items here to reach easily.

Internally you’ll find a gamut of webbed pockets to store hair nets and soft accessories. The volume of the bag is great. A good sized bag for most dancers. The rod system is built into and attached to the bag.

The crossbar is very good. It interlocks with the upright rods and forms a solid hanger for your costumes. Hanger space is generous and a reasonable length for most costumes.

Costume Roller have stockists around Australia. Contact Costume Roller for a stockist near you.

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