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C’EST MOI Review – Child Friendly Performance Cosmetics

Did you know?

Many adult dance performance cosmetics are not suitable for the delicate skin and face of a young child. This research was conducted in Europe almost a decade ago.

How did C’est Moi begin it’s journey?

C’est Moi (french for It’s Me) began after Annabelle’s mum saw blotchy red skin after taking off her performance makeup. Annabelle was only 5 years old. After consultation with a clinician a study revealed that some cosmetics were not suited to children aged 4-12 years of age. Thus began the long and tedious journey for Annabelle’s mum to change the cosmetics landscape. After 5 years in the lab and extensive R&D, a range of child-friendly cosmetics were created. The formula includes skin loving ingredients and fresh fruit cells. C’est Moi is made to strict EU standards in France.

No more blotchy skin and redness for Annabelle and her friends. Young performers can apply this skin friendly product knowing that their flawless skin will remain so long after their performance has ended.

C’EST MOI Review – Child Friendly Performance Cosmetics Reviewed by on . A 4 person review of the C'est Moi range of child friendly performance cosmetics.

Review Overview

A 4 person review of the C'est Moi range of child friendly performance cosmetics.
Ease of Use
Fit for Purpose
Value for Money
Very clever
Certainly not a luxury item - more a need if protecting your child's skin is important to you!

What did we test?

We received a well packaged and presented kit from C’est Moi that included:

  • Lipstick
  • Eyeliner Pencil
  • Eyeshadow Palette
  • Skin Cleanser
  • Skin Conditioning Cleansing Milk
  • All Purpose Hydrating Gel
  • Foundation

Our team of reviewers included, two dancers (aged 8 and 15), a dance parent and a dance teacher.

The reviewers were given a try of each item and each gave a score out of 5. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. They judged the product on presentation, packaging, longevity, ease of use, whether it was fit for purposes or met the needs and finally on value for money. The scores were added together and then divided by the 4 reviewers.

Overall the process took 2 weeks. The overwhelming feedback was that they felt the product was unique, well presented and fit for purpose. All said that they felt the product was needed in the market place.

Some of the key comments are listed below:

“Must have awesome ingredients because it doesn’t feel caked on”

“Normally my make-up leaves pimples – this one didn’t”

“The eyeliner pencil was easy to use and it didn’t irritate the eye”

“The skin cleansing milk was my favourite product. It lifted the makeup with ease and left my skin smooth, silky and blemish free”

“The colour palette for the eyeshadow was ideal for my daughter and her skin tone whilst the hydrating gel offered a refreshing feeling on her face”

For further information we recommend visiting the website link below.

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